Course Number 1231-6401-01
Course Name Navigating the Idea Journey for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Crash Course
Academic Unit The Coller School of Management -
Business Administration
Lecturer Dr. Moran LazarContact
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Office HoursBy appointment
Mode of Instruction Lecture
Semester Units 1
Semester 2022/3
Date Range 24/07/2023
Hours 15:45-20:45
Semester 2022/3
Date Range 24/07/2023
Hours 15:45-20:45
Building Recanati - Management
Room 405
Semester 2022/3
Date Range 25/07/2023
Hours 15:45-20:45
Building Recanati - Management
Room 407
Semester 2022/3
Date Range 26/07/2023
Hours 15:45-20:45
Building Lokey - Management
Room 005
Studies are held daily, on dates specified above, Course is taught in English
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Short Course Description

to thrive in today?s competitive era, entrepreneurs, employees, and scientists are encouraged to create new solutions to solve significant technological, societal, and environmental problems. Capitalizing upon new ideas is key for such entrepreneurship and innovation attempts. In this course, students will learn how to navigate the idea journey in order to facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation processes. Throughout this journey, ideas move from being rough concepts to more concrete notions that can be shared with others and developed further. Going through the different phases of the idea journey, students will learn about identifying a challenge, idea generation, idea evaluation and selection, idea validation, and idea communication. The course will introduce central theories and research related to the creative idea journey, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and identify key insights and implications for creators, team members, and managers.

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